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Lock replacement and lock rekeying are often used interchangeably. However, they are widely different and do not mean the same thing. While they offer the same benefit of increased security, they involve completely different processes.

Bloomingdale DC Locksmith Store has been serving the people of the community for the past ten years. During our entire duration of service here, we have seen that not many homeowners are aware of the condition of their locks. Most of them only wake up to their security conditions only after a mishap. This is unfortunate. Before any such thing happens, it is a wise idea to hire our lock replace service and enhance the security of your property.

While talking about locks, it must be mentioned that locks today are no longer just simple mechanical devices that anyone can deal with. Locks today have complex functioning and only trained and experienced locks professionals can deal with them. Our lockmasters are well aware of the different kinds of locks and have worked with most of them. Also, they keep themselves updated through regular trainings and seminars, so there aren’t any locks that they would know about.

Why not rekey the locks?

Rekeying is a cost effective solution and is recommended in many cases. However, there are certain instances when rekeying wouldn’t work. At such times, lock replace is the best solution. For example - if your locks are quite old and they are beyond repair, rekeying is not the right solution. For old locks, it is also possible that the internal pins required is no longer be available in the market, thus making rekeying an impossibility.

What is the right lock for me?

Thanks to the fast strides of technology, there is a wide array of locks and security systems available today. Whether you want a simple padlock, or a cutting edge one, the choices are limitless. However, many a times, homeowners are confused about the right choice of locks. Our lock replace technicians can help at such times and help you find the best lock for your property after assessing your needs.

Some of the locks we stock are:

  • Bloomingdale DC Locksmith Store Bloomingdale, DC 202-753-0346Knob locks
  • Euro Lock Cylinders
  • Deadbolt
  • Nightlatch or Yale locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Cam locks
  • Digital locks

And many more!

Searching for high quality locks to install in your property? Need lock replace services? Call us at 202-753-0346 to schedule an appointment.