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Making sure you have the best security measures in place to protect the data and employees at your office is imperative. You can’t run a business that has loopholes in its locking system. You need to have proper locks in place that are suitable for your business needs. Call us and we will install high security locks as well as advanced locks at your place of business. Along with that we also provide 24-hour emergency locksmith support for commercial lockouts. Some of our clients include big corporations, banks, restaurants, cafes, assisted living facilities, etc. You can also join our esteemed list of clients in the Bloomingdale, we are just a phone call away.

Why choose us?

  • 24/7 commercial locksmith availabilityBloomingdale DC Locksmith Store, Bloomingdale, DC 202-753-0346
  • Locksmiths for all your business locksmith needs
  • Mobile units for quickest service
  • Anywhere service in and around Washington
  • Tailor-made locking solutions for your business
  • On the spot locksmith services
  • Fastest and most reliable response to emergencies
  • Recommendations to improve the security of your business
  • Affordable locksmith services

We know that what works for a homeowner or a vehicle owner may not work for our commercial clients. That is why we have a specialized team in place that are experts at handling commercial locksmith situations. They can quickly resolve commercial lockouts, install and repair locks and provide expert advice that will help you figure flaws in your current lock systems. Our way of working is such that we won’t cause any kind of delay or disruption in your day to day working and your employees and customers can normally access your business premises while we are working.

Some of the services that we offer to our commercial clients have been listed below:

Emergency opening and unlock

A business that has suffered a lockout situation at rush hour will need an immediate solution to the problem. Call us and we will reach you in approximately 15 minutes, no matter where you are located in Bloomingdale, DC area. Once we reach the location, you can rest assured that you will gain access to your property within a matter of minutes.

Lock change or repairs

Businesses that do not invest in proper maintenance of their lock and keys, often suffer losses that can be easily avoided. Employing a locksmith service that performs periodic checks and replaces damaged locks saves money as well as avoids unnecessary delays to productivity. You can hire us to keep an eye on the locks and keys at your business.

Safe/ File cabinet locks

Nowadays, businesses face external as well as internal threats. These threats can affect your productivity if not attended to properly. One such threat is the threat of data theft which can be avoided with the use of appropriate safe and file cabinet locks. We install robust locks for your cabinets, that are built to last for years.

Emergency exit locks

Emergency exit locks are important for any business facility. Safety of your employees and customers can be threatened if you don’t have proper exit locks like panic locks and push bars in place. Along with that, to avoid hefty fines it is important to install exit locks at all the emergency exit gates. We know how emergency exit locks work and if you are seeking expert assistance, Bloomingdale DC Locksmith Store is your best bet in Bloomingdale.

Master key

Master key systems are built to give dull control to the owner. He can decide who has what level of access with the use of sub-master keys and appropriately restrict employee movement to forbidden areas. We can design and quickly implement the master key system in your office building so that you can have full control over who enters which part of the building.

We are available on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all your commercial locksmith needs in Bloomingdale. Just give us a call on 202-753-0346.